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The Epiphany Behind a Bootstrapped Startup is born out of a real frustration! My frustration of producing name badges for the Bivouac, a game jam I have been organizing in my hometown for the past 4 years.

Everything about badges was wrong. Designing them in Word was wrong, the time consumed importing attendee lists and making sure they fit in the design was wrong, printing and assembling them a few hours before the event was wrong… a tedious, long and inefficient process!

If me, a festival organizer on a tight budget, would have paid for a better solution… what about the thousands of professional conferences happening daily around the globe? I thought I was on something… Something I could bootstrap!

We’ve launched last week and already had a great endorsement by market leader Eventbrite. We have yet to know if my frustrations are shared by enough people to make this a viable business, but the road ahead looks bright!

Have you ever worked on a business idea directly related to a frustration you had?

Authored by Philippe-Antoine Lehoux - Follow him @plehoux the easiest way to design and print your event name badges.
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